Branding, UI

The tinder for temping.


That was the brand identity. The website and app interface designs backed that up, standing out as an innovative solution for talent recruitment.

A large number of recruitment apps falling short of market expectations, Lynxie needed to make sure that their brand and user experience would communicate their USPs as well as offer an aesthetic that was appealing to both employers and temps.

Consistent branding draws market recognition

Creative insights are key

We set out on a journey to analyse potential competition within the marketplace. What made them functional? What were their strengths? Their weaknesses? These were some of the questions we used to define the gap in the market.


Make sure you are ready

Before all this happen, the morning preparation could be the most frustrating after searching all night on Yelp for a the most rated restaurants. You need to think of what to wear in the morning and make sure that you looks good and attractive.

All of this resulted in a seamless brand experience. The logo, tone of voice, website design, and app interface were all on-brand. This has lent Lynxie® credibility in the market place and made them a highly-regaerded market leader within the recruitment app sector.

Brand perception improved positively, conversion increased by 25% and 90% of people surveyed liked the new rebranding.


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