Big Dogs Vodka

Branding, Packaging, Website, Video, Photography 

Big Dogs Vodka came to us with an idea. They wanted to produce the UK’s premium vodka and to build around it a brand image that connects with their target audience. With so many other vodka brands out there, what could they offer people in order to stand out?


The Great British Vodka.

They had a unique reach across social media that was like nothing we had seen before. It was all because of the founder, James Parker, who had found success with the clothing brand Gym King. This was an interesting project to work on: the product and brand design had to live up to the founder’s success and reputation.

Time to disrupt the world of vodka…


Drive Commerce

We built a brand and complete strategy around the law of attraction. We analysed their target audience and got a clear image of what motivates them and inspires them to be the best they can be. We then tailored the brand identity around that.

We studied the marketplace to discover key price points and to determine how we could position the bottle design to draw a crowd and what materials we would need to produce a package suitable for use a premium product.



The world of vodka, disrupted

The brand, the bottle, the social collateral, the photography, the videos, and the online store have collectively caused a lot of disruption in what is normally a marketplace dominated by a few big brands.

The brand is growing from strength to strength, achieving recognition from on and off trade industry leaders as well as world renowned celebrities. The sky is literally the limit with this brand, and we look forward to continuing our work with them.


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