The homegrown brand that’s going global

The homegrown brand that’s going global

In terms of growth, big city-based businesses are getting all the attention. That’s about to change! Right out of the historic town of Glastonbury in the South West, a planet based, echo conscious company has launched one of the hottest and most exciting new ventures to hit the market!

This is VIVO Life. A business centred around 100% plant-based nutritional supplements, VIVO Life is quickly drawing eyes throughout the health, vegan, and fitness sectors. Manufacturing all products right here in the South West of England, they have partnered up with the Bristol-based creatives at Fluid Agency in order to amp up their brand, packaging, and communication efforts.

VIVO were intent on finding a partner collaborative in nature, someone they could share their vision with, someone who understood their direction and their audience. Fluid Agency (aka FA) were the perfect match.

“I struggle to imagine where our brand would be without the energy and creativity of the Fluid team. They deliver every project with innovation and imagination and every member of the team brings a different skill. Fluid have helped us turn Vivo Life from an idea in our minds into an internationally recognised brand, and they’re still improving year in year out. A top team of people – we couldn’t have done it without them” – Josh Bolding, VIVO Director.

“FA took time to fully integrate into the business, the lifestyle and the products so they could gain a real life understanding on our target and audience” – Salvatore Notaro, CEO of VIVO Life

The mission was to take plant-based nutrition to a new level while still staying true to its roots (pardon the pun!). This was no easy task: how do you make something so naturally slow-paced as plants into something exciting? FA focused on the benefits of a plant-based diet, pointing out that the fitness enthusiast and health conscious could get serious without using any animal or chemical-based supplements within their routine. Combined with sustainability, this message has resonated with VIVO deeply.

This brand theme seeped into the packaging, leading to the most energising and fresh designs in the entire plant-based nutrition industry.

“The User interface design and the overall user experience plays a fundamental role in the success of an online store. Design is highly important, as is brand consistency but the UI/UX  are where the conversions come from and how businesses can get a return on their  investment and reach their expansion targets.” – Stephen Kington, Co Founder of Fluid Agency

Since the launch of the new branding and website, VIVO have expanded their business into the USA. This has been a great success as well, and although they currently ship to the rest of the EU, they will be launching country-specific websites and operations to cater to demand soon. In addition, they are developing other nutritional products, a few that are top secret, and overall leading the vegan sports nutrition industry into the future.

The relationship between VIVO life and Fluid Agency looks stronger than ever, and if the work they have done thus far is any indication, they are set to keep on breaking boundaries together.

“Working with VIVO has been a real blast, we’re like one big happy family. Our vision is the same, our goals for the brand are aligned and what’s ahead is very exciting. We can’t wait to share more as this story unfolds.” – Ryan Angelinetta, Creative Director of Fluid Agency

Vegan? Into fitness supplements? Want to see a cool website? Head on over to

Likewise, if you want to learn more about Fluid Agency or even if you’re looking for that “relentless ally”, stop by or check out their instagram account at

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