FA go Vegan for Veganuary

Experience leads to understanding

To fully understand our clients and their audience we find it best to put ourselves in their shoes. That’s why, for this month everyone here at FA has gone Vegan.




As the brand creators of the award winning Vegan brand VIVO Life, we didn’t want to just be told about the values and lifestyle of the devout Vegan, we wanted to live it. We wanted to be able to reach VIVOs customers and to produce branded communications and packaging with integrity and understanding. The way we saw it, by experiencing the diet, the culture and the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle we will increase our knowledge of this sector and draw us closer to our audience. Who knows, it might even change some of us forever.


We’re going to be posting updates across our social media throughout January so please be sure to head to our social accounts and give us a follow: LinkedinInstagramFacebook
If you’re looking for a design agency partner that is prepared to get immersed into your business we’d love to hear from you.
Drop us a line on 01275 400 860 or email Malc at malc@fluidagency.co
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